Выберите нужное местоимение. 1. much 2. many 3. little 4. few 1. I am busy now. I have ... time. 2. We like American music and we know ... American songs. 3. There is not ... milk in the fridge. 4. His house is small. There are ... rooms in it. 5. Does he read ...? Yes, he does. He likes reading. 6. Are there ... bedrooms in your house? - No, there aren't, only two. 7. Chinese is a very difficult language, ... people in Europe know it. 8. English language is popular all over the world, ... people learn it. 9. Nick does not know English well so he has ... English books. 10. Switch on the lamps, please. There is ... light in the room, because there are ... windows in it. 11. My friend likes Russian literature, so he has ... Russian books. 12. I don't like to deal (иметь дело) with her. She talks ..., but does ... .


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