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Read the exam task below and write a letter of complaint.
You bought an mp3 player at an online store and it is not working properly. You have the guarantee of the product. Write a letter of complaint to the
store, in which you will:
• explain when and where you bought the product
• describe the problem in detail and ask for a replacement or a refund


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Dear sirs! Dear managers! 

My name is Ivan Korolev. On the 3rd of December I bought an mp3 at your central shop. The problem is that after some days it doesn't work correctly. Sometimes I can't switch it on and sometimes I can't switch it off. The sound is terrible. The quick dance music becomes very slow.  And slow music becomes very quickly. I ask you to replace this mp3 or refund the whole sum. 

With hope for your undestanding and honesty!

Ivan Korolev.