Help the guide to make up a short excursion, choosing the... Mans новичок Help the guide to make up a short excursion, choosing the correct variants Welcome to The Tower of London!Let's go ... (51) this path to the main entrance. If you look ... (52) you'll see the Lion Tower where wild animals were kept during the reign of Henry III. Now we are entering the Tower. ... (53) you can see the Traitors' Gate. Many Tudor's prisoners entered the Tower... (54) this Gate. Look at this tower... (55) us. This is the Wakefield Tower. This way, please. This is Scaf­fold Site or the Tower Green, where British nobles were executed by beheading. The Tower Green is located on a space ... (56) of the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula, where Anne Boleyn is buried, but her ghost is said to be walking ... (57) the White Tower. Let's go ... (58) the White Tower. If you want to see the Crown Jewels, you should go ... (59). They are on display in this yellow building - Waterloo Barracks. But we go this way and enter... (60) White Tower!51. A) alongB) aheadC) forward52. A) to your leftB) at your leftC) left53. A) To your rightB) On your rightC) Right54. A) throughB) inC) at55. A) beneathB) in front ofC) around56. A) westB) eastC) south57. A) amongB) aroundC) next58. A) towardsB) backwardsC) forward59. A) two blocksB) straight aheadC) along60. A) theB) into theC) at th


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Немного не согласен с предыдущим автором, а точнее - не согласен почти целиком и полностью. Как я понимаю, к тексту прилагалась карта или что-то в этом роде?


На мой взгляд,


51 - a;

52 - a;

53 - b;

54 - a;

55 - b;

56 - c;

57 - b;

58 - a;

59 - b;

60 -a.