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2b 1. decide 2. courageous 3.famousness   4. description 5. invent

2c 1. stand up for 2. come up with 3. cope with 4. result in 5. overcome


the most useful I think it is a mobile phone. You can call a person everywhere. You can ask for help if you need, you can talk to your relatives who live far away. I think it is great. Then it is Internet. It is a very useful thing. You can find almost everything there: books, films, music, mew friends and so on. It helps me to study. Antibiotics is also very important invention. Many people can be cured! Then color TV and air conditioners - they make our life interesting and comfortable. Then it is a Space ship. and then Rock n roll - I think that some people like it, as for me I don't listen such music.


microwave, washing machine, vacuume cleaner - it makes our life easy and comfortable