Fill in the with both of them/you/or neither of them/you us/

1___my sisters are successfui managers. 2 Sally has got two little daughters.____them can write well. 3 I've got two sisters and a brother.My brother is working but ___my sisters are still at school. 4 I asked two people the way to the station but ___ couid help me. 5 Both of these stores (to be) very good. 6 There were two windows in the room. It was very warm,so I opened ____them. 7 Tom likes detective stories and Jane enjoys novels.___like reading. 8 Emma wants to become a singer.John is fond of pop music.___wants to become doctors. 9 Who has broken the window this morning?Mike and I weren"t the yard.So,___has broken the window. 10 Are you passing the test this week?I am passing it on Monday and Ben is passing it on Tuesday.___are pasing the test this week.

Fill in gaps with the words could,was able/were able (to),managed (to)

1 It was dark outdoors.I didn"t ____ to see a robber. 2 She ____write at the age of four. 3 She ___write letters to her granny. 4 The police ___to find the criminal though they had very little evidence. 5 Atvery early age he__ solve very difficult logical problems. 6 The tourists followed the route and at last they ____find the shelter. Заполнить пропуски!!"


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1)    1. Both of

2. both of

3. both of

4. neither of them

5. Both of these stores are very good

6. both of

7. both of them

8. neither of them

9. neither of us

10. both of us

2)        1. manage

            2. could

            3. could

            4. managed

5. was able

6. managed