Fill in the with both of them/you/or neither of them/you us/

1___my sisters are successfui managers. 2 Sally has got two little daughters.____them can write well. 3 I've got two sisters and a brother.My brother is working but ___my sisters are still at school. 4 I asked two people the way to the station but ___ couid help me. 5 Both of these stores (to be) very good. 6 There were two windows in the room. It was very warm,so I opened ____them. 7 Tom likes detective stories and Jane enjoys novels.___like reading. 8 Emma wants to become a singer.John is fond of pop music.___wants to become doctors. 9 Who has broken the window this morning?Mike and I weren"t the yard.So,___has broken the window. 10 Are you passing the test this week?I am passing it on Monday and Ben is passing it on Tuesday.___are pasing the test this week.

Fell in gaps with the words could,was able/were able (to),managed (to)

1 It was dark outdoors.I didn"t ____ to see a robber. 2 She ____write at the age of four. 3 She ___write letters to her granny. 4 The police ___to find the criminal though they had very little evidence. 5 Atvery early age he__ solve very difficult logical problems. 6 The tourists followed the route and at last they ____find the shelter.

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Ответы и объяснения


1 both of

    2 both of

    3 niether of

    4 neither of them

    5 were

    6 both of

    7 both of them

    8 neither of them

    9 neither of us

   10 both of us

2 1Didn’t


     2 could

     3 was managed to

     4 was able to

     5 were managed to