сочинение про fantasy film плиз напишите,завтра семестровая!!!!пожалуйста


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This film was removed by studio 20 century FOX . Action of film is developed in the beginning of 21 centuries. The group consisting, of several experts has gone to Antarctica to lead inspection of ruins of ancient pyramids which are latent under thickness of ice. When they arrived up to one of pyramids have found out there the hardened skeletons of people. And remains of certain unknown essences. They understand that aliens can be in a pyramid which their

lives threaten. But they yet did not know that they are watched already with one more kind of newcomers - the Predator. The main director of this film the Floor Anderson. The leading actors are Paul W.S. Anderson, Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Ewen Bremner and others. This film interesting and fascinating, in it is a lot of special effects, blood.