Помогитее, кто знает о чем тут говорится.
Буду весьма благодарен^^
Заранее спасибо^^

Fill in the gaps with the right options

21. Please, remember... English dictionaries tomorrow.

A) to bring B) bringing C) bring

22.... failing the exam was not unexpected.

A) Jim B) Jim is C) Jim's

23. We saw the man ... the house.

A) enter B) entered C) to enter

24.1 had the piano....

A) to tune B) tuned C)tune

25. I'm grateful to him for his....

A) advices B) advises C) advice

26. I'll phone you as soon as I... from Mike.

A) II hear B) 've heard C) heard

27.1 wish I... these fashionable clothes.

A) would buy B) could buy C) will buy

28. The text was... difficult for me to understand. A) too B) enough C) which 29. It wasn't... for them to go swimming.

A) enough warm B) warm enough C) too much warm

30. Here ...the bus!

A) is coming B) come C) comes


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