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My family is nether big, nor small. There are four of us in my family: my mother, my father, my brother and me.

My mother is a housewife. She takes care of our home and everybody here. She is a kind woman of 35.

My father is a pilot. He adores planes. Sometimes he takes me withhim to the flight. My father is 43 years old.

My brother is 12 and he is in the 6th form. He is rather good at his studies.

We have a pet. It's a dog.


Family - is the most expensive and close friends. For my family begins with Mom. Mom's kindness, tenderness, warmth surround us from the very first days of life. They say that a woman can achieve brilliant results in any field. It can bring many benefits to society, but the most important and hard work of her life - it's a family. Mom - homemaker. On her fragile shoulders keeps the whole house: her after work to cook, feed, clean, help make the lessons and still do a lot of things. Sometimes wonder how my mother all the time to! Our house is always warm, cozy, and me and my father, and guests, and even animals. I, of course, I understand that one mother can not create a good family, because the family - is the collective, and the climate in the family should be created by all its members. Mutual aid, caring for each, create goodness in our family, warmth, comfort and well-being.