Перетворити з прямої мови у непряму і навпаки...срочно треба на завтра...плізз...\)) 1.He is going to the park (He told me)

2.We will come again next year (We wrote them)

3."I was to London last year" she said to me

4.He said : "I was tired so I come home after party"

5.Joon said to Mary : "I didnt feel very well yesterday"

6.Two years ago they were students (She said)

7."They moved to a new flat yesteday" (They said)

8."We are not sure she has already finished her work" (They said)

9.She said to me : "I am marired and I"ve got one daughter"

10.They said to me : "We have jast moved nto a new flat"


Ответы и объяснения


1.He told me he was going to the park
2.We wrote them we would come again following year

3.she said to me she had been to London previous year
4.He said he had been tired so I had come home after party

5.Joon said to Mary he hadn't felt very well  the day before  yesterday
6.She said Two years ago they had been students

7.They said They had moved to a new flat the day before yesterday
8.They said they were not sure she had already finished her work

9.She said to me she was marired and she had got one daughter

10.They said to me they had jast moved into a new flat