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Exercise 1 Complete the dialogue using the words in brackets in the correct form

Ann: Why(you/not/finish) your homework and come to watch TV(1)?

Bill:Because I(not/understand) it. It is too difficult(2).

Ann: Why (you/not/ask) your teacher to epxplain it(3)?

Bill:Because I(not/like) him (4).

Ann: And why (you/not/like) him(5).

Bill: well, he (always/shout) at me(6).

Ann: Why (he/shout) at you (7).

Bill:Well, I (not/do) my homework (8)

Ann; Well, no wonder he (shout) at you(9). Give me your book now.We'll try and do it together

Exercise 2 Complete the sentences with time expressions from the list

at the moment every day always

tonight never now

1. She ... eats meat. She is a vegetarian 2.Mother is baking a cake .... . 3.They're going to a party ... .4 She goes to the swimming pool on Saturday 5 He cycles to his frend ....6. He is playing the drums ... .


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Ann: Why dont you finish your homwork and come watch tv ?

Bill: Becayse i dont understand it. Its too difficult

Ann: Why dont you ask your teacher to explain it ?

Bill:Because  i dont like like him

Ann:And why dont you like him ?

Bill:Well, he always shouts at me.

Ann:Why does he shot at you ?

Bill:  Well, because i dont do my homework.

Ann:Well, no wonder he shots at you. Give me your book now.  We'll try and do it together.



at the moment