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World holidays
1 . Competitions in the mountains of Scotland. The participant of games dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, competes in a hammer throwing, in competition which is held in Glenfinnan. Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drinks to have a rest of labor everyday life.
2 . Vegetarian festival, Thailand. Believers of the temple on Bang Neow, participate in parade of a vegetarian festival on the island Phuket in Thailand, stick the weapon in itself, in protest. The Chinese immigrants gave rise to this Taoist ceremony in 1825 when the people who are believing in God, ate vegetarian food to escape from epidemic.
3 . Celebration of the Body of the Christ (Corpus Christi), Spain. The person in a mask, known as El Colacho, a symbol of the Satan, jumps through group of girls. Centuries-old ritual is intended for child protection from evil ghosts. Chorpus Christi celebration, is carried out every year to Kastrilyo-de-Murcia, Spain, and pays a tribute to Catholic celebration of the Sacred Participle.
4 . Festival of lamps, Taiwan. Being shone lamps bear up hopes and prayers of Thais for new year. It is celebrated in the first night of a full moon of new year. Night of lamps is a traditional holiday in China and on Taiwan. And if its origin still isn't known, the festival, seemingly, waits ahead long life – in recent years during a holiday fireworks and light shows also are carried out.
5 . Mardi Gras, Louisiana. Fat Tuesday – classical celebration in New Orleans. This annual holiday gives to Christians opportunity to have fun before to the Post beginning. In New Orleans, the collecting of beads is part of celebration since organizers started throwing them into crowd, in the early twenties.