I. Translate into Ukranian:

1. a large desk

2. a very comfortable chair

3. a piano

4. a kitchen

5. a beautiful girl

6. music shop

7. What cassettes is she going to buy?

8. There is a book shelf over the table.

II.Insert the correct form of the verbs (to be) or (to have)

1. My brother ... a pupil.

2.In the afternoon he dinner in the school canteen.

3.They ... usually busy after classes.

III.Insert the article - a, an or the.

1. I like to go to... theatre.

2. I am interested in ...history.

3. Did you go for... walk yesterday?

IV. Make up the sentences interrogative and negative.

1. I read books every day.

2. He. is watching TV now.

3. She has already learned the rule.

V.Change the sentences in the Present Simple to the ones in the Present Continuous. Model : She reads books every day. - She is reading now.

1. Helen speaks French very well. -

2. We travel around Europe in summer. -

3. Alex meets his friend on Sunday. -

4. He writes books in the evening. -

5. They listen to the radio at night. -


Ответы и объяснения


1.1.великий стіл

   2.дуже комфортний стілець



   5.гарна дівчинка

   6.музичний магазин

   7.які касети вона збирається придбати?

   8.книжкова полиця є над столом.