Помогите написать рассказ по англисски про сибирсокго хаски описать его написать что любит не большой рассказ помогитеее *О*


Ответы и объяснения


Siberian Husky - is a working dog of medium size, with quick and easy step, with the free and elegant movements. Its moderately compact and well-dressed body, erect ears and a fluffy tail suggest northern origin. Distinctive gait - smooth and easy. Best of all, it manifests itself in a team, carrying a light load at an average speed over long distances. The proportions of her body and appearance reflect the basic balance of power, speed and endurance. Dogs Siberian Husky breed strong and firm, but never harsh, bitches feminine but without weakness of structure. Siberian Husky in good shape, with a strong and well-muscled, should not bear the excess weight.

Dog totally unsuitable for use as a hunting (hunting, but does not bring mining), Watchdog (instinct of territory to a minimum) and security (normally these dogs completely absent aggression to humans). Dog too independent, so badly suited to the role of the service.

Attempts to unlock the aggression against the person usually ends up getting a dog with mental disorders that the physical capacity of this dog is a huge danger to others. This breed, you should not be used as security.

Siberian Husky easily settles in a new place, and does a really good room maintenance. Recently, this breed has become very popular because of its unusual appearance. However, Husky needs more exercise, take long walks and regular "charging for the mind" (obedience classes, frisbee, agility [4], visits to new places for the dog, etc.)

Siberian Huskies are prone to evasion. The case when closed in a village house dog, muzzle, a jump bowled glass, jumped out the window and went to look for the rest of his "flock." In addition, they quickly learn to open doors , excellent diggers, good jump and can even climb over the high fence , which complicates their retention within the fenced area.

Siberian Huskies love people and get along well with other dogs.  But most compelling Husky puppy under the age . When you have content Huskies give her a lot of personal attention, because she does not like to be alone and the whole day will be waiting for you on the job. Unfortunately, the Siberian Husky fighting with small dogs, because they are too similar to cats or rabbits. Therefore, to secure the final dating with Husky dogs need training period or the Huskies need to keep separate from small dogs.