Срочно помогите написать.....Сочинения по английскому языку «Идеальное государство, как я это понимаю».


Ответы и объяснения


What is the ideal state? In my opinion, the ideal state - it is generally an unattainable goal, but it should be pursued. To close as possible to approach her, you need to in this country began to work laws, without any selectivity, there was a stable fiscal and social policy; power could come to people who do not have a personal interest in the business, and bring in a society such qualities as conscience, honor, rights and duties, tolerance.

From the standpoint of the great philosopher Plato's ideal state - is one which satisfies the requirement of justice. Justice in this case is that in a society created the conditions that guarantee the prosperity of the entire state and allow the natural inequality of people in their natural inclinations. Plato says: "In an ideal state of the philosophers and warriors live by closed groups, in which all are equal, and property - is common. Private property and family are allowed only for members of lower caste farmers and artisans. " Thus it becomes clear that Plato implicitly recognizes the priority of public and general interest over private interests, places the state above, by subjecting him to a separate identity.

At present, the ideal state - it is a state that the stimulation of the population for independence reduces its intervention in their lives, because the state itself is a system of violence and, ideally, should be absent. So says Margaret Thatcher, not just the iron woman, but the politician peering far ahead, and I totally agree with her.