what can make a good birthday present for a teenager? Tick the category if you would like to get something like that as a present. In the right column write some comments according to the model.
1)trendy clothing: I would like to get new jeans and trendy boots. But i would like to choose them myself as my parents don't share my taste in clothes.
2) jewellery:
3) accessories:
4) mobile telephones:
5) gears like Ipods, MPT players, etc:
6) sports equipment:
7) computer equipment:
8) musical instruments:
9) CDs or books:
10) your variant:


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1) mobile telephones: I'd like to get the latest model of the phone as a present. But I hope my parents will consult with me which one I'd like to have before buying it to me.


2) sports equipment: I'm keen on sport, especially skiing. I'd like to get new ski, more stylish and colourful.


3) computer equipment: I need some new software for my computer. I hope to get it for my birthday soon.