Очень интересное задание:Напишите(на английском) почему английский язык очень популярный?3-4 предложения.


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First, you need to consider the fact that for a very large number of people, English is their native language, namely for more than one billion. In addition, we can see how globalization is spreading across countries, with the U.S., which it is spreading. And the language it is known to English, so there's no secret that globalization comes with the English language. Well, hoping for your understanding, I want to acknowledge the fact that the English language is more harmony than Russian, and, say, a more "fashionable" sounds, if you say so.

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It has become the new international language. It's important to have a language that the people of the earth have in common. Our world has become very global and we need to communicate with one another.

One of the reasons is that English has become the language of business.

Another important reason is that popular American culture (like movies, music, and McDonald's) has quickly spread throughout the world. It has brought its language with it.