помогите написать сочинение на английском языке "Что я люблю делать в свободное время"


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When other people ask me what i like to do in a free time, I usually tell them that I have very good pastime with my family and my friends too. I just like to walk around the park and around my town, I also like drive on the skateboard when it has good and not cold weather with my friends from skatepark. I think that I should be interested in my favourite subjects, fox example, english, germany and italian. Because I also should do something very necessary for me and for my around, I also like to sing when I have some free time and playing on the piano. Sometimes when I'm boring I like play on the computer, because I have interests in computer games, but in another time I think that it's the waste of time. What to do in a free time? I know.


In free time I like hanging out with friends, skiing, or just watching TV. Also in the free time that I can do with his hands. For a man vadno whatever free time was enough. It is good for health.