We want you to write an article about teenage lifestyle
in your country, answering these questions:
What are your main expectations and worries?

What are your interests and preferences?

напишите пожалуйста хотя бы 10 предложений,пожалуйста


Ответы и объяснения


Teenagers life is always rather diffucult. It's content with studying, thinking about future, relations with friends and parents. As for me, I get worried about my exams, which will start soon. If I fall, I wouldn't Know what to do. Aside from school many teenagers have different hobbies. My are reading and skiing. I adore this both. So, I suppose, all yongers are fond of listening music. I prefer pop- and rep-styles. And there is no one, who don't spent time by walking with friends. I can't live without my people. Well, despite of business, teenagers always have time for entertainments.