Напишите сочинение по англискому, но можно и по-русски на тему Технологии в нашей жизни.


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Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace it's hard to tell what will happen in six months. Every technology has changed our lives, more  or less aggressive. Nobody can deny that technology has brought comfort to our life, our life became easier and more interesting. The major technologies in the past 10 years are the PC, the Internet, the cell phone and other gadgets.

Can you imagine your life without a cell phone? I’m sure that almost everyone will answer – NO. Everybody is aware of the must-have gadgets that just keep you connected to everything going on around you. But it has its “dark” sides too. Some recent study showed that children are "cell phone addicts."  Irritability and mood swings are some of the  symptoms.

The most amazing technology is the internet. It connects people through the distance and people can keep in touch with each other at any time they want. The negative view is the fact that they keep in touch in a virtual world not natural. Teenagers who have their own computers or laptops will spend all their time to check in Facebook, watch videos, and play games. That means they are using their time unwisely. That will be great if teenagers know how to balance their time because spending too much time on entertainment is bad, but don’t spend time relaxing is bad, too. I know some of my friends who are totally in playing games, and they are enjoying their “online life.” If this problem keeps going, they will lose their ability to socialize and communicate with other people because “online life” is completely different from our real life.

So, new technology has had both positive and negative effects. It depends on how people use it. People who can make a good use of new technology may have an easy life.