Подставить modal verbs or their equivalents. 1.You ... sit there in your wet clothes; you will catch cold if you do. 2.... I speak to me white? 3.Everybody ... learn a foreign language. 4.. ... I use your phone? 5.He ... swim very soon. 6.Last summer it was very dry and I ... water the garden every day. 7.That restaurant ... be very good. It’s always empty. 8.Next year he … speak English quite fluently. 9.My sister didn’t buy coffee, so I … go to shops myself. 10.… I come in?


Ответы и объяснения


1. you shouldn't


3. must (should)

4. May 

5. can 

6. had to (should)

7. must

8. should

9.  should (had to)

10. may