Написать сочинение на английском языке Чм жизнь в городе отличается от жизни в деревне 70 слов


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What place to choose for living depends on the lifestyle of a person. Let’s overview some points of living in a city and in the county.

 Firstly, let’s talk about traffic. There are lots of cars , buses and other means of transport in the city. Life is too busy in the city. On the contrary, it’s calm and quiet in the country.

Secondly, there are many theatres, museums, cinemas and other places for entertainment in the city. Your cultural life will be much more interesting there. But you can enjoy green fields in the countryside.

Some words about pollution. It’s obvious that the air and the water are much more cleaner in the country than in the city.

If we compare crime rates of the city and of the countryside, the villages will win.