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s stated in a Russian proverb, do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends. When a man has friends, it is very good. One person is very bad. For each person, it is important that he had friends. But how many can be friends? In fact, there may be many friends, but few real friends.

It is especially good if you have a best friend. What means the best? This is the friend who always understands, will not leave in the lurch and help. That such a man should be valued and respected. But, more important to evaluate himself. Sometimes it is worth thinking about whether I am a good friend, I'm ready and I can do for my best friend. It is not necessary to require others to be requested from you.

Need to become a first best friend to someone. And then just appear best friend. How do the people by other people, and for him to be treated.

Best friend does not condemn, but to support and poor just can not teach. Best friend appears only after some time passed and more experienced. True a friend in need is a friend indeed. But what can destroy friendships, so it's money. So do not mix friendship and money.