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The project of ideal country. In the world there are 196 countries. Nowadays we haven't ideal countries with good politician and environment. All countries all over the world have many probles in different species. But we can make project of ideal countries. And I would like to present you such project. 

Firstly, we must have good land for our ideal country. This land must have forests, lakes and other required needs. Secondly, we must have country's system of governence. And also we must have president and parlament. Thirdly, we must have people. It's normal needs for  every country.

But what we need for ideal life? Firstly, we needs some environment organisations with good specialists. Because environment is the most important part in the development of the state. Secondly, we must have good education. Thanks to good education system we can have the best specialists. Thirdly, we must have good economy system for good money capital. If we will have good money capital without credits we can development our country in diffirent directions.