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Future forms

Ex.4. Open the brackets and complete the sentences. 1. They will have to stay with us when they _______________(arrive) here. 2. “The phone is ringing”. – “I ______________(answer) it. 3. _____________(we/start) the experiment now or ______________(we/wait) until everybody ________________(come)? 4. He thinks nothing wrong _______________(happen) to the girl. She is grown and reliable. 5. Rosemary and Philip _______________(come) later this evening. We ______________(have) a good family party. 6. I don’t know when I _______________(be) in the mood for entertainment. 7. There is a train that ________________(leave) Waverly at ten o’clock tomorrow morning. 8. I ________________(probably/come) back at 10 tonight. 9. What _______________(I/say) to him? 10. They _________________(get married) this spring. 11. Don’t make this noise! You _______________(wake up) Lucy.


Ex. 5. Put the words into the correct order to make questions. 1. do/he/did/this work_________________________________________? 2. do/reading/you/like/magazines___________________________________? 3. much/got/you/how/have/time__________________________________? 4. this/who/wrote/book_________________________________________? 5. salt/how/did/much/put/my/you/in/salad___________________________? 6. does/often/come/here/he/how___________________________________? 7. playing/don’t/why/you/tennis/like_______________________________?


Ответы и объяснения


1. They will have to stay with us when they will arrive here.
2.The phone is ringing. - I will answer it.
3. Will we start the experiment now or will we wait until everybody will come?
4.He thinks nothing wrong will happen to the girl.
5.Rosemary and Philip will come later this evening.We will have a good family party.
6.I dont know when I will be in the mood for entertainment.
7.There is a train that will leave Waverly at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.
8. I will probably come back at 10 tonight.
9.What will i say to him?
10.They will get married this spring.
11.Don't make this noise! You will wake up Lucy.

ex 5
1.Did he do his work?
2.Do you like reading magazines?
3.How much time have you got?
4.Who wrote this book?
5.How much salt did you put in my salad
6.How often he comes here
7.Why don't you like playing tennis