написать средний диалог с использованием времен present simple и present continious нужно срочно


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-Hi ......., what are you doing now?

-Hi .......! Iwaching my favorite TV show, and you?

- Now i making my homework.

- It's so boring

-I know

- Do you wanna go outside? I think we can play football.

- Ofcaurse I want, but I cant.

- Realy, why? 

- Oh, I must be at home, because my mom where it went and she havent got key. I dont know when she will be at home. So I cant go anywhere today.

- Oh, ..... , what a pity.

- But if she will be soon, I think I will play with you!

- No, I don t think so, because I must be at home at five o'clock. I have promised  my mother, than i will help her with housecleaning.

- Okey, see you!

- See you!