напишите пжл рассказ про Англию! буду благодарен во веки жизни))


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  • Kahi
  • хорошист

   Did you know that our wold has a lot of beautiful countries? One of them, England, so wonderful place of our planet. Not only their flag has a lot of bright colours as blue, red and white. Their towns are really very bright too, as the people there! I saw people in England and can tell you that they're really very fashionable. You can see a lot of beautiful clother on the stands and showcases in very cheep shops, because shops there aren't very expensive and these clothers
are really available for a lot of people, and it does them very happy as I think. 
   Did you know that this country has a lot of sights? For example, capital of England, London: this town has a lot of sights around. For example, museum "Madame Tussauds" as it sounds at franch, really very big London's eye and of cours Big Bang, as these clocks was called. It's wonderful. Not all countries of our world has so much sights, but we really can see them around the wold in very big cities and even amon the ruins of the ancient towns!
   I also like Endland's culture. These people are so kind as I can see; they're also very polite to each other, and in another time they can offer you a cup of tea. And more. And more. And more. You can spend a lot of time there, if you really want to relax, because..it's really very good pastime, as I think,