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On the 7th of January we celebrate Christmas Day. I like holiday very much. Christmas is a wonderful holiday in Ukraine. On that day they send good wishes and give presents to each other.

The «holy supper» on Christmas Eve is a meal of 12 ritual meatless and milkless dishes. Christmas is the holiday when all members of the family gather together. This is the holiday of joy. Although this holiday appeared long ago but nowadays many people still like to go church and listen to Christmas sermons. There are numerous Christmas traditions here. They vary significantly at the different parts of Ukraine. Next day in some villages in Western Ukraine people organize some folk performances which obviously were inspired by ancient pagan habits. They dress up themselves as monsters with pelts and horns and run through the village trying to scare people. After that they run to the special place on the outskirts of the village and there happens the main act: they fight with all people of the village and finally are defeated. The scarecrows are burned in the big fire. And all people are dancing around this fire. This symbolizes the fight of Good and Evil and that Good defeated Evil for the whole next year. 





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