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Who helped you to carry you luggage? Did you tip the porter? What kind of train did you take? What berth do you prefer to have, an upper to lower one? What do like to do while travelling by train, to red, to lock through the windows etc. ? Where did you have meals? When did you arrive at the palace of you destination? Did anybody meet? How many days you spend in Kazan ? Did you make new friends there? Did you see any sights? Did you have much fun? Did you enjoy your trip? wOuld you like there again some day.


Ответы и объяснения


1. My father did.

2. Yes, I did.

3. I took electric train.

4. I prefer to have an upper berth.

5. I like reading while travelling by train.

6. I had meals at restaurants.

7. I arrived at night.

8. My parents met me.

9.I spent 3 days in Kazan.

10. Yes, I did.

11. Yes, I did. I saw lots of beautiful sights.

12. Yes, I did.

13. Yes, I did. It was very exciting.

14. I would like to go there some day again.

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