Помогите пожалуйста перевести из прямой речи в косвенную

1) "jason is having a birthday party at his hoyse tomorrow", Melinda said

2)"You'll never believe what happened yesterday!", Kathy said

3)"Sally was working hard in the lab yesterday", Ann said

4)"Are you going to the cinema tomorrow?", his mother asked him

5)"When will the package be delivered", she asked us

6)"Where is the building?", he asked me

7)"How can i get to Pine Street?", she asked me

8)"Are you flying to Paris next week?",he asked Tom

9)"Turn off the TV, Tom", his mother said

10)"Please,please help me", the woman said to Peter

11)"Don't talk to strangers", her father said to her

12)"Take off your shoes", mother said to as

13)"Pick up your books", Sandra said to her son


Ответы и объяснения


1) Melinda said that Jason was having a birthday party at his house the next day

2) Kathy said that I would never believe what happened the previous day

3) Ann said that Sally was working hard in the lab the previous day

4) His mother asked him if he was going to the cinema the next day

5) She asked us when the package would be delivered

6) He asked me where the building was

7) She asked me how she could get to Pine Street

8) He asked Tom if he was flying to Paris the next week

9) His mother said to Tom to turn off TV

10) The woman said to Peter to help her

11) Her father said to her not to talk to strangers

12) Mother said to us to take off our shoes

13) Sandra said to her son to pick up his books