Твір на тему українські лікарні)))))терміново на англійській))Будь ласка))


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Health is Wealth. Everybody will probably agree that one of the biggest treasures we have in this life is health. If you are healthy, you can do lots of things, for others and for yourself. If your loved ones are healthy, you are doubly happy. Wishing neither you nor your loved ones will ever need the information given below.

There are state and private hospitals in Ukraine. Very often private hospitals are open on the basis of the state ones. Sometimes they could even use the medical equipment and facilities of the state hospitals. As a rule, doctors from the smaller private hospitals work part time at the state ones as well. Usually, there are no lines at the private hospitals and you can get everything you need on the spot: to consult the specialists or do necessary tests. But anyway it's better to give them a call in advance and make an appointment.

If you need to visit a dentist, it's better to make an appointment beforehand, but if you've got a severe toothache and need an immediate treatment you'd be able to get in without a previous appointment.