П о м о г и т е ! ! ! С р о ч н о ! ! ! Сколько правил в русском я зыке и в англиском?....Ответ долджен быть полностью на англиском я зыке.


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98 of the rules of the Russian language
1. The subject, it does not need to clarify pronoun.
2. Remember that in most cases, a bunch of "that" could be deleted.
3. Some people seem to have forgotten the rules matching the principal terms of the proposal.
4. If you want to use a verb, then it needs to be properly conjugate rather than choose to make the author.
5. Check the race both nouns for correct spelling collective pronoun in both forms.
6. In severe head teachers all know the rules of declension nouns common gender and delisting.
7. The passive voice should generally be avoided.
8. Sometimes, if the direct object is not to replace the passive remains semantic ambiguity.
9. Do not forget the letter "e", or do not distinguish between deaths and deaths, the sky and the sky, the donkey and the donkey, perfect and complete, all and all.
10. Who does not cheknuty and of chyaschi vyshol correctly writes vowels after shypyaschih.
11. Milostevye rulers must know exceptions to the rules of writing vowels in suffixes.
12. Without interest would be to levy a fine on bezolabernyh for misspelling vowel after prefixes.
13. Who does not know what words written the letter e, that the Russian language or BE or ME.
14. Blestnite nepoverhnosnym feelings language while writing soglastnyh unpronounceable.
15. We must come to the understanding that you would just "come."
16. In the future we will come to that in the text will take part all lesser amounts of extra letters.
17. Where written twin consonants, and where they are not justified twin - not the Problem kollichestvenaya and qualitatively.
18. Young people, who are not the dense, gender of a noun and an adjective brevity - the key to understanding the need for soft sign after a sizzling end of the word.
19. Soft sign in the infinitive verb should be determined by the presence of it in the matter of the verb, sometimes zabyvaetsya.
20. If uzh unbearable knowledge of spelling boast soft sign at the end of adverbs after sibilants, learn exception.
21. Escho not all dialects after sizzling under stress spelled "o".
22. It's not uncommon to not sdobrovat who nirazu properly nor write "not" and "no" with verbs and adverbs.
23. Not unseemly bezrazboru WCRP cut rules in spelling vnaval adverbs and expressions like them.
24. Nehudshy option - remember not assessable list of adjectives that have one way of writing a "no."
25. In interrogative sentences, where negation logically emphasized, "not" is written separately, right? Or is this not true?
26. You should not try not to avoid double negatives.
27. Do not put two "no" in a row if it is not necessary.
28. The word "no," no form of change.
29. Applying participial turnover always highlight it with commas.
30. Playfully, distinguished experts participial turnover from adverbs, in which he moved.
31. Participial appearing after the word it stands commas.
32. Standing up to the word it modifies, participial not allocated by commas.
33. Detached from the word it stands commas participial.
34. Applying heterogeneous, combined with a participial, definition, not a comma after the turn bet.
35. All united by generalizing words, separated by commas: uniform definitions and heterogeneous.
36. As a separate application, the traffic, the joining Union as not allocated places.
37. Colleagues treatment must somehow produce.
38. In replicas theses terrorizing a comma in the enumeration.
39. Introductory course designed highlight commas.
40. Moreover, some of the words, literally, very similar to the input, just, never stood a comma.
41. Oh, they are literate, separated by a combination of solid interjections.
42. Over the correct punctuation in the phraseology we all still work hard.
43. Which are subordinate clauses, must be correct.
44. Without full litrovki floor of Russia does not understand how to write complex names, nouns.