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  • marsyu
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1)How long had Jim and Eva known each other.

2)He had answered many questions from his fans.

3)I had never played in a casino.

4)Simon had locked all the doors.

5)He had spent all day repairing the leaking roof.

6)We had taken a few-hour rest in a motel.

7)You hadn*t had  much experience in accounting.

8)Somebody had bought that nice dress.

9)They had broken a window in the neighbour*s house.

10)Had anybody pulled the man out of the crashed car?



















  • vdoh
  • хорошист

When we arrived we realized that the manager had reserved the wrong room for us.

We had bought the goods by that time.

It was the third serious mistake you had made here.

It was the first time I had seen this film

This was the third cake you had eaten this morning

When he arrived we had had dinner.

She had just entered the house as I called her

It was the only time when I had been late for a job.

When I came home mother was cooking dinner.

He had read the book before he saw the film.