Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение о своих планах в будущем и нужно было выбрать одно словосочитание из 6,но в моей профессии в будущим(это Менеджер Гостиницы)( у меня например словосочетание Use English in my job" тк нужно общаться с людьми,ни только с русским,но и с иностранными гражданами) помогите как-нибудь написать пожалуйста) 5-6 предложений)


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I - ninth-and the problem of choice of occupation is quite important for me. Of course, I have been thinking about this question. My parents own on this idea. And since the end of school is getting closer, my anxiety become stronger. But there's another 3 years.Like most of my friends, I'm going after school droop in a university or other higher education institution. I hope I will get a certificate with good grades. But I can see how many young people will bring their certificates with excellent grades in the acceptance committee of the university. Drafting entrance exam - a tough test for those who want to continue their education.I have no technical skills. But at the same time, I do not know if I can find a good job after the Faculty of Humanities of the University.My parents want me to go to the Faculty of Management. But I doubt that I have the necessary qualities for the job. In my opinion, the one who chooses this profession to be very sociable. And of course, if you want to achieve something in this field, you need to understand the economics, finance, some in accounting, psychology, management;There is also one thing that really excites me. If I do not get enough points for entry to university or college, I can only take on a contract, and in my family has no such money for my education.There is another opportunity to get an education. I mean the technical schools. Maybe I'll pick accounting. Good accountants are needed everywhere.If I do not enter into the college or university, I'll try to learn to use the computer better. Of course, I will continue to learn English, and would also like to learn German, and Italian. I am sure that without this knowledge it is impossible to get a good job. Many people start out small and then reached heights. Index - to set a goal!поставь другой класс в самом начале сочинения!