Make questions. Give short answer.

1. - ________________________ ice cream in the bag? - Yes, _________(There is some ice cream in the bag.)

2. - ________________________ honey in the table? - Yes,___________________(There is some honey on the table.)

3. - ___________________sandwiches in the box? - Yes,________________(There are some sandwiches in the box.)

4. - ______________cakes in the basket? - Yes,__________(There are some cakes in the baskets.)

5. - ___________milk in the glass? -Yes,_________(There is some milk in the glass.)


Ответы и объяснения


1. - Is there ice cream in the bag? - Yes, there is.
2. - Is there honey in the table? - Yes, there is.
3. - Are there sandwiches in the box? - Yes,there are.
4. - Are there cakes in the basket? - Yes, there are.
5. - Is there milk in the glass? -Yes,there is.


1. Is there an ice-cream in the bag?-Yes,there is.

2 Is there any honey on the table? - Yes , there is

3 Are there any sandwiches in the box?- Yes, there are.

4 Are there any cakes in the basket?- yes, there are

5 Is there any milk in the glass?- Yes, there is