Закончите предложения, используя превосходную степень прилагательных.

1.It was a very happy day.It was ....ot my lihe.

2.He"s a very interesting man.He"s......man in our city.

3.She"s very pretty.She"s ....girl in our school.

4.Yesterday it was very cold.It was...day of the year.

5.The Europa Hotel is very expensive.It"s....hotel in the world.

6.It"s usually very hot in July.It"s ....month jo the year.

7.Mount Everest is a very high mountain.It"s ....mountain in the world.

8.She"s a very popular singer.She"s ....singer in the country.

9.It"s a very good film.It"s....film of the year.

10.Sidney is a large city.It"s...city in Australia.

11.Money is important but it isn"t......thing in Life.

12.The river Severn is very long.It"s....river in England.


Ответы и объяснения


1- the happiest

2- the most interesting

3- the prettiest

4- the coldest

5- the most expensive

6- the hottest

7- the highest

8- the most popular

9- the best

10- the largest

11- the most important

12- the longest