1 are you feeling well ?
2 do you like animals? why?
3 i eat a lot of of sweets. what you think about it?
4 how long have you work?
5 what do you like to read?
6 i shall clean the flat on friday. and you?
8 what color do you like?


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1. Yep, Im.

2. Yes, I like animals. Because they are very cute and can help us to live.

3. Its okay. But, actually, eating many sweets is dangeous.

4. I have work for 3 hours

5. I like to read interesting books.

6. Im cleainng my room on saturdays.

8 (!). I like all colours.

You missed number 7 :-D















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I am feling well(Я чувствую себя хорошо)или Yes, I am.

I like animals because they are very funny and charming(Я люблю животных потому что они забавные и милые)

I think that to eat a lot of sweets very bad because sweets harm your teeth (Я думаю что есть много конфет вредно потому что конфеты вредят твоим зубам)

I have work since 8 o'clock( Я работаю с восьми часов)

I like to read Russian writer's books.(Я люблю читать книги русских писателей)

I shall clean my flat on monday.(Я буду убираться в квартире в понедельник)

I like black color.(Я люблю черный цвет)