помогитеее,нужно написать сочинение по английскому на тему:моя школа(про школьных друзей и жизни в школе вообще) очень прошу,завтра нужно


Ответы и объяснения


I am going to tell you about my school. My school is new and modern and I like it very much. It has three floors. The classrooms are light and spacious. There are classrooms for different subjects, such as English, History, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology Literature etc.

There is a computer class in our school. We study computer science here. The computer class has the most modern equipment and the Internet access.

We’ve also an assembly hall, which is situated on the second floor. Meetings, conferences, concerts and all the celebrations take place here. We prepare different performances for all holidays. We sing songs, recite poetry, dance, and participate in theatre performances.

There are many opportunities to go in for sports in our school. Our school has a gym, a sports ground, a football field, a swimming pool, and other sports facilities. There are many different sports groups: table tennis, swimming, athletics, football, volleyball, wrestling, and rhythmic gymnastics. Many pupils of our school attend these sports groups.

In our school we have also painting group, dance group, theatre group and rock group. All these groups are very popular and many pupils attend them.

The teachers in our school are very skilled. They try to give us all their knowledge and awake our interest to their subjects and to self study. Besides the school subjects, our teachers tell us about everything, about different problems of our world, such as ecology, nature protection, climat changes etc.

There is a good tradition in our school. Every year people who graduated our school come here to meet their teachers and classmates. These meetings take place every first Saturday of February.

I think that school years are very important for every person. It’s a period of becoming adult, achieving knowledges, and choosing your way in life. Often school friends remain your friends for all your life. So I’ll never forget my school, my teachers, and my classmates.