Помогите плиз! Составить 6 предложений из простой речи в косвенную речь. :*


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1.Can you come and see me about the job?-He(she) asked me to go and see him(her) about the job.

2.Talk to Alex about the job.-He(she) told me to talk to Alex about it.

3.He asked, What are you doing?-He asked me what I was doing.

4.Do you live in London?-He asked if I lived in London.

5.I am working this evening.-She said that she was working this(that) evening.

6.I met him last year.-She said that she had met him a year ago.

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1)Roy said that he owned 2cars.

2)The museum attendant said not touch anything.

3)Our teacher said not be late again.

4)John asked me if I had seen your keys.

5)He asked where she came from.

6)They wondered when we had met for the first time.