Составьте 4 типа вопросов к каждому предложению.(Хотьсколько-нибудь)

1.She lives in Schotland

2.John is very impudent men

3.Mery gets married in June

4.I am not right

5.Meg was the best specialist ofour firm

6.It is cold today

7.Professor Mantgomery maintains that 5-6% of the population suffers from sociophobia

8.Four students agree to take part in this experiment

9.It sounds strange

10.The personality results from the clash of three forces-the id,ego and superego

11.Sighmund Freud's psychoanalitic theory of personality had a major impact on our understanding of the human makeup

12.Communication is the most important skill in life

13.Sociology studies different fields of society life

14.The youth subculture is really interesting and unique subgect for researching

15.RAP-music is the only outside aspect of black youth subculture today.


Ответы и объяснения


1. Where does she live? Who lives in Schotland? What does she do in Schotland? Does she live in Schotland?

2. Who is very impudent man? Is John very impudent man? What does John like? Who is John?

3. When does Mary get married? Who does get married in June? Does Mary get married in June? What's up with Mary in June?