ПРОВЕРЬТЕ ПРАВИЛЬНО ЛИ НАПИСАНО ПО ГРАМОТНОСТИ! Present, summer hot day in the village. It is possible to hear a concert of sounds in the nature and to relax. For example hum of bees, kryakanye of ducks, peep of mice. And besides it is possible to hear silence. Morning in the village begins with a morning rooster. Then after a breakfast you go to a yard where the dog in the box barks. Weather solar. Then you go on the noisy small river in which small fishes float. After it it is possible to go to the wood and пособирать berries. And in the evening you will hear howl a wolf singing under the moon. It is impossible to forget these remarkable and fantastic days carried out in the village. The village is that place where it is possible to reunite with the nature, to feel aroma of freedom and to see old friends relation with which is maintained only these hot days as many of them live in the different cities.


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Так ПРАВЕЛЬНО,но слово кряканье не ПРАВЕЛЬНО, но  поищи слово будка