Choose the right variant of tense.(P ast Simple,Past Continuos,Past Perfect Continuos,Past Perfect)
I ________________________________over the phone when they brought me the letter.
b)had talked
c)had been talking
d)was talking
He quickly forgot everything he _______________at school.
b)had learnt
c)had been learning
d)was learning
First I _______________________________-the phone, and then I read your letter.
b)had answered
c)had been answering
d)was answering
I hardly _______________________speaking with a porter whn the phone rang again.
b)had hardly finished
c)had been finishing
d)was finishing
And I began writing to you instead of going to the seaside as I _____________________before.
b)had planned
c)had been planning
d)was planning
Item 8.Choose the right variant .(Future Simple ,Future Perfect, Future Continuos). 10 points
He ____________when you come back tonight.
a)will sleep
b)will be sleeping
By the time I come they ____.
a)will go
b)will have gone.
My sister ________the result of her exam on economy in tree days.
a)will know
b)will have known
c)will be knowing
-Let`s meet at the station at 5 o`clock.
-ok .I_____for you.
a)will wait
b)will be waiting
c)will have waited
The work of the scientist ___________the proper acclaim.
a)will achieve
b)will have achieved.


Ответы и объяснения


1. d (was talking)

2.  b (had learnt)

3. a (answered)

4. d (was finishing)

5.  b (had planned)

6. a (will sleep)

7.  b (will have gone)

8. b (will have known)

9.  b (will be waiting)

10. a (will achieve )