придумайте 10 предложениЙ с открытием скобок с Пассивным и Активным залогом


Ответы и объяснения

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  • почетный грамотей

1)they didn*t give him any presents for his birthday.(He wasn*t  given any presents for his birtday.)

2)The police caught the criminal 2days after the robbery.( The criminal was caught by the police 2days after the robbery.)

3)Where did they find your suitcase?(Where was your suitcase found?)

4)Where do they speak Swahili?(Where is Swahili spoken?)

5)Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?(Who was Romeo and Juliet written by?)

6)Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in the 17th century.(Macbeth was written by  Shakespeare in the 17th century.

7)Michelangelo sculpted David in 1504.(David was sculpted by  Michelangelo in 1504.

8)Ian Fleming introduced James Bond in 1953.(james Bond was introduced by Ian  Fleming in 1953.)

9)Conrad Hilton opened his first hotel in 1930.(First hotel was opened by Conrad Hilton in 1930.)

10)The Lumiere brothers invented the cinematograph in 1894.(Cinematograph was invented by the Limiere brothers in1894.)