Напишите пожалуйста текст на английском языке о двух российских праздниках Пасха и Новый год))


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About New Year

There are many holydays in our country. They are New Year Day, Christmas and other. I'd like to tell you about my favorite holiday - New Year's Day.The weather is usually fine and cool and there is a lot of snow everywhere. Children don't go to school because of winter holidays.Our family prepares for this holydays before hand. My father buys and brings a beautiful New Year's Tree. I like to decorate the Tree with toys, little colored lights, sweets and stars. My mother and grandmother prepare our holidays supper. 
I make a cake. We like to meet the New Year at home with our relatives. 
At 12 o'clock we sit at the table and say best wishes for the New Year. The New Year is always connected with our new plans and dreams. It is a pleasant moment to get presents on the New Year. At night we watch TV, dance, make jokes and go for a walk with my friends.


Прости пожалуйста,но могу написать только про Новый год.

New Year!

I will tell you about a remarkable holiday - New Year. New year is celebrated on December 31 - on January 1. It is very cheerful holiday. In my opinion, in New Year there is a small magic though I can't understand what at all. Generally it is very mysterious holiday.

Я написала вот что:

Я расскажу вам про замечательный праздник - Новый Год.Новый год отмечается 31 декабря - 1 января.Это очень весёлый праздник. По моему мнению,в Новый Год происходит маленькое волшебство, хотя я даже не могу понять какое.В общем это очень загадочный(таинственный) праздник.