Помогите составить текст на англиском языке на тему (СПОРТ В БЕЛАРУСИ) или (МОЙ ЛЮБИМЫЙ ВИД СПОРТА) 7-10 предложений


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My favorite sport is dance.Because I am a child dancer. My mother has a video in which I danced to the music.Dancing is my talent.I think when I grow up I will dance in a group.Now I dont dance so good , but my teacher said that I have a success.Now I dance a half years. Maybe in a year or two I'll tantsovschetsoy

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is tennis.I have tennis lessons every Saturday morning at my local sports centre .In the summer I play tennis with my friends every day.I like tennis because it is great fun and you do exercise at the same time.

You need a racet and special tennis balls to play. There are two players or four players.I sometimes play with my dad.He is terrible and I always beat him.

My favourite tennis player is Rafa Nadal from Spain .He is very toung and very strong.I don*t Like LIeyton Hewitt because is very rude and ugly.