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1.How known as London? London used to be called londium. 

2.When a man's hair grow fast? When a person is flying an airplane. 

3.Why is summer time flies, and winter lasts?
all equally. just a winter night long. and the day is shorter, and vice versa in the summer.

4.How many human hair on your head? Some 25 billion.
5. What are the main three colors? Red Green and Blue.

6.How many years of living gophers? Gophers live 3-4 years.
7. How many people live in China? China's population: 1,347,374,752 people.

8.Who was the first U.S.А. president? Was the first U.S.А. president, George Washington.
9.What year was built the London Eye? In 1998-1999.

10.Who do man like DNA by 50%? The man seems to DNA by 50% with a banana.