Сочинение на тему русский-это интернациональный язык на английском СРОЧНО


Ответы и объяснения


Russian language, without doubt, one of the wealthiest and most widely spoken languages in the world and it deserves a place among the so-called worldlanguages. As well as English and other languages spoken outside the countriesfor which they are public or official, Russian is widely spoken outside of Russia.International and interstate scope of application are manifold. Thus, it has long been acting as the "language of science" - a means of communication by scientists from various countries, as well as encoding and storage of human knowledge (much of the volume of all the world's information is available in Englishand Russian).
Russian is widely spoken in the world system of communication (radio, air-andspace communication, etc). English, Russian and other languages of the worldare very important in the implementation of public functions, such as the lingua franca, that is, in this context, the intermediate language in knowledge and aligntheir levels in different countries, the language of diplomacy, international trade, tourism