Написать соченение на тему :чего я хочу добится в этой жизне? пожалусто напишете что нибудь...просто я англиский вообще не шарю(


Ответы и объяснения


What I want to achieve in this life?
I want to live a life so, to make all your dreams and desires, to succeed, to be useful and necessary for the people.
Of course, the desire to take their place in society, choose an interesting profession, reaching certain heights in his career and family life is also interested in dc[.
As for my dreams, then, probably, it is difficult to point out one thing, the only thing in my life. I could not say about myself, that I only want to wealth. Although I, of course, do not want to live in poverty. Wrong is the fact that for me the most important is the professional and career growth. Although I want to choose the good, the appropriate profession and I will strive to improve their professional level. For me very important family; I want to meet a real man, who will care about me and love me and whom I will love. But I could never say that I would be one thing: work or family. Probably, all this can be called not even dream of, and life goals, to which we should aspire to and achievement of which largely depends on me the most.