Люди пожалуйста,очень срочно!!!!Я буду очень очень признательна , помогите написать сочинение тема"Being a freelance opens a bigger and a brighter future for you"


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Everything new that comes my way, is a freelance. Example: I want to become a doctor. I need to know the biology and chemistry. New chemical formulas the structure of human knowledge will open the way to a brighter future. This is a freelance. All I need is to not be like everyone else, but to be better. Better to teach biology and chemistry. But this does not mean that I do not have to study other subjects. Just the ones that I will open the world to a bright future and will be freelance.

Объяснение:Тут просто нужно было написать то,что тебе откроет будущее.Ну,вообщем сама поймёшь)