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It was a dark, stormy afternoon during the school holidays and Ann and Tim were watching TV at home, feeling bored. ‘I know, Ann! Let’s go to the castle.’ Tim said excitedly. ‘There’s a good museum there.’ It was late afternoon when they arrived and they were the only visitors. ‘Ooh, it’s a bit scary in here!’ Ann said as they were walking slowly through the cold, dark rooms of exhibits. ‘Don’t be silly,’ Tim replied. Suddenly, Tim noticed an interesting exhibit which was a model of a man wearing a very old costume. He stood next to him and Ann took a photo of them with her digital camera, but then when she looked at the screen she couldn’t believe her eyes! Tim was standing alone in the photo ― the man wasn’t next to him! Then, they looked up and saw that the model wasn’t in the room any more! It had disappeared! Ann and Tim ran quickly back to the reception desk. They were terrified! They told the lady there their story. ‘Ah-ha! That wasn’t a model, that was Henry, the museum ghost,’ she said, smiling. Tim looked at Ann. She was completely white!


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One stormy afternoon Ann and Tim were watching TV because they were free of hard school work. But it was boring. Then Tim suggested going to the museum which was located in the old castle. When they arrived there it was everning already and  there was no visitors except them. During walking along the cold dark halls and coridors Ann was really scary. But Tim was excited and he asked her to take a photo of him and some statue. It was a statue of a man in old costume. When she looked on the made photo in her camera, there was noone near Tim. There was no statue in the room either. They were shocked and afraid so they ran away from that room. The lady from the reception desk smiled and told them that the man in the room was a museum ghost called Henry. When Tim looked at Ann , she was really pale.